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Membership Plans Available at BFT North Lakes

At BFT North Lakes, you can join for $59 per week with no contract and no limits on how often you can come to the gym.

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Customer Reviews

BFT North Lakes is an incredible gym that has quickly established a great community and atmosphere. Customers love the welcoming and non-judgemental environment, as well as the knowledgeable and supportive trainers. The classes are varied and challenging, and the trainers are always there to help guide customers with their form and push them to work harder. The gym also has a great mix of cardio and weights, and the members are always eager to see each other succeed.

The gym also has a great culture, with everyone being welcomed with open arms. The trainers are passionate and adaptive to each individual's needs and limits, and they are always there to provide the right guidance to ensure the longevity of customers' health. The gym also has creche facilities, making it a great place for families.

Overall, customers are extremely happy with BFT North Lakes and would highly recommend it to anyone. The gym has a great community feel, and the trainers are always there to push customers to be their best. With its varied classes, top-notch equipment, and supportive environment, BFT North Lakes is the perfect place to get fit and stay healthy.