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Membership Plans Available at BFT Town Hall

BFT Town Hall is a weekly subscription service that costs $69 per week with no limits or contracts.

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About BFT Town Hall

At Body Fit Training, we use science and technology to drive positive outcomes – at all fitness levels. We’ve incorporated scientifically proven training techniques aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle into a variety of 50 minute training sessions that are overseen by highly accredited coaches in a dynamic group environment.

High levels of visual content showcasing our programs are shown on multiple digital displays throughout the studio and allow our coaches to spend more time concentrating on our members!

If you're interested in Group Training, Strength training or just want to be a better you then call Body Fit Training Town hall today!

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See our certified trainers in action and get a feel for the energy and community at our gym. Watch now and come experience the difference at Sydney.

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See firsthand the dedication and passion of our certified trainers as they guide and inspire members to reach their fitness goals.


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Customer Reviews

BFT Town Hall is a fantastic gym located in the heart of the CBD. Customers love the variety of classes, the knowledgeable and friendly trainers, and the great sense of community amongst members. The trainers focus on form and technique, and always make themselves available to discuss fitness goals and concerns. The classes have a good balance of strength, cardio and resistance training options, and the gym is always clean and fresh.

Customers have praised the personalised service of the trainers, with one customer saying that Jeremy called them to check up on them when they missed a class. They also appreciate the nutrition advice and guidance that is provided, as well as the regular events that are organised. The trainers are described as knowledgeable, friendly, passionate and motivating, and the members are always encouraging.

Overall, customers love the atmosphere at BFT Town Hall and the results they are seeing from their training. They appreciate the personalised service and the focus on form and technique, as well as the great sense of community amongst members. With its convenient location, great variety of classes and knowledgeable trainers, BFT Town Hall is the perfect place to continue your fitness journey.

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