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Mon: 05:00 - 22:00

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Membership Plans Available at Crunch Fitness Alexandria

Crunch Fitness offers three different membership plans: Base Membership for $10.95 per week, Peak Membership for $15.95 per week, and Summit Membership for $19.95 per week. Each plan includes access to the gym, group classes, change facilities, and a fitness and wellness starter program. The Summit Membership also includes the ability to bring in a friend anytime, muscle therapy, and recovery massage.

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About Crunch Fitness Alexandria

Welcome to Crunch Fitness, the Original No Judgments gym. Train at our high-quality facility gyms with our world-class personal trainers. Join online now.

Welcome to Crunch Fitness. Growing across Sydney & Melbourne, we are passionate about providing a safe fitness community for all with ‘No Judgments’. Regardless of shape, size, age, race, gender or fitness level, we welcome all. Our world-class personal trainers live and breathe fitness. They make serious fitness fun so that you can achieve your own fitness goals to your true potential. We also have over 100 heart-pumping group classes with passionate instructors who lead the way. Offering flexible membership options, you’re more than welcome to join online today! Check out our Alexandria gym today that is located: 2/93 O'Riordan Street Alexandria NSW 2015

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Customer Reviews

Crunch Fitness Alexandria is one of the best fitness centres in the southern hemisphere. Customers love the professional staff, the great facilities, and the abundance of equipment. The gym is easily one of the best in the Sydney area in terms of equipment and is centrally located with a variety of options for parking. The gym is massive, with plenty of cardio equipment, boxing bags, lifting platforms, and even a rooftop training section. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the group exercise room floor is often covered in hair!

The gym also offers a variety of classes, from Zumba to MMA, and the teachers are lovely. The gym is also well-priced and has no lock-in contracts. Customers also appreciate the cleanliness of the gym, and the fact that it is open 24 hours a day.

The customer service at Crunch Fitness Alexandria is also highly praised. The staff are professional and helpful, and the manager is super professional and helpful. The reception staff are friendly and the general user here seemed upbeat and easy going. The cafe also has good hot chocolates and protein balls. All in all, customers love the gym and highly recommend it.