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Membership Plans Available at F45 Training Kew

F45 Kew offers a variety of fitness classes at different prices, ranging from $10 for a single class to $100 for a 10-class package. With these classes, you can get fit, have fun, and make new friends!

About F45 Training Kew

The wait for the fitness and lifestyle revolution is over. Find high quality equipment, the latest scientific techniques and friendly staff at your local F45 gym in F45 Kallangur

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Enquire and view gym prices at F45 Training Kew. No obligation to join.

Customer Reviews

F45 Kew is an amazing gym that has something for everyone. From the expert coaches to the friendly and supportive atmosphere, customers are sure to find something that they love. The trainers are highly knowledgeable and motivating, and they take the time to get to know each customer and cheer them on. The studio is also well-equipped with high performance Xiaomi Pro H HEPA filters, providing clean air for everyone.

The community at F45 Kew is incredibly welcoming and inclusive, and customers feel like they are part of a team. The coaches are always encouraging and provide great tips on form and technique. The classes are varied and challenging, and the trainers make sure that everyone is working at their own pace.

The gym also offers personal training options and nutrition advice, as well as online classes during lockdown. Customers have praised the team for their dedication and passion, and for creating a vibrant atmosphere. F45 Kew is definitely worth the investment for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

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