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Membership Plans Available at FS8 Southbank

The FS8 Southbank 10 Pack 10 Class Pass costs $299 and gives you access to 10 classes at the FS8 Southbank gym.

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About FS8 Southbank

FS8 takes fitness where it’s never been before, offering you a mixup of Pilates, tone, and yoga for a full-body workout. It’s fitness with some hell yes!


FS8 is all-in-one fitness with attitude. It’s a never-been-done-before offering that remixes the best elements of Pilates, tone and yoga for a complete, full-body group training experience — with none of the fluff.

Combining the Pilates reformer with mat work, dumbbells and activation bands, the weekly program of workouts includes a variety of exercises to enhance muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and recovery.

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See firsthand the dedication and passion of our certified trainers as they guide and inspire members to reach their fitness goals.


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Customer Reviews

FS8 Southbank is an amazing studio that caters to all levels of fitness, from the very beginner to the more advanced. Customers love the sense of community and inclusivity that the studio provides, and the staff are always kind and supportive. The trainers are highly experienced and make sure that everyone feels like they are getting personal attention. The classes are challenging and interesting, and customers always enjoy them. The studio also offers personal training options and exercise and training protocols. The facilities are top-notch, with excellent security and parking. The opening times are also very convenient. All in all, FS8 Southbank is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great workout experience.

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