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Opening Hours

Mon: 08:30 - 00:00

Tue: 08:30 - 00:00

Wed: 08:30 - 00:00

Thu: 08:30 - 00:00

Fri: 08:30 - 12:30

Sat: 08:00 - 12:00

Sun: Closed

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About Plus Fitness 24/7 Tahmoor

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Customer Reviews

Plus Fitness Tahmoor is a great gym that offers a wide range of facilities and features to its customers. Customers have praised the staff for being friendly and helpful, and the gym for being clean and well-maintained. The gym also has a great atmosphere, with music videos playing in the background and plants in the carpark to look at. Customers have also commented on the good location of the gym and the fact that it is not too busy.

The gym also offers a variety of classes, personal training options, and exercise and training protocols. Customers have also commented on the ergometers being in good condition and the availability of drinking water from the vending machine. Plus Fitness Tahmoor also sends out SMS for free fitness program reviews, although customers have noted that they are not always able to follow up on providing the service.

Overall, customers have had a great experience at Plus Fitness Tahmoor. They have praised the staff, the cleanliness of the gym, the atmosphere, the location, the variety of classes and personal training options, and the availability of drinking water. Customers have also noted that the gym is not too busy and that the ergometers are in good condition.