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Membership Plans Available at UBX North Toowoomba

With Ubx Training North Toowoomba's FLEXI (2) plan, you can pay $90 every two weeks with no contract, or pay $480 upfront for three months.

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About UBX North Toowoomba

We are UBX [You-Box]: world-class boxing workouts, ready when you are. UBX delivers a unique mix of boxing and strength training across a 12 round circuit. Six of the rounds include boxing exercises, whether that’s bagwork or one-on-one padwork with a coach. The other six rounds include a combination of functional strength, cardio and conditioning movements. Each day is different and members can start their workout at any time they like. Co-founded in Australia by four-time world champion boxer Danny Green and fitness entrepreneur Tim West, UBX now has over 90 boutique gyms across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, with more gyms opening in the United Kingdom and United States in 2022. Claim your FREE trial today via our website.

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Customer Reviews

UBX Training North Toowoomba is a fantastic gym that offers a unique and convenient way to get fit. With no set class times, customers can come and go as they please, allowing them to fit their workouts into their busy schedules. The gym also offers a challenging and ever-changing routine that is suitable for all ages and abilities.

The staff at UBX Training North Toowoomba are highly praised by customers for their welcoming, helpful and professional attitude. They provide personalised attention and are always willing to help customers reach their fitness goals. The gym also offers a range of extras such as boxing workshops at no extra cost.

The atmosphere at UBX Training North Toowoomba is described as engaging, motivating, encouraging and friendly. Customers have also commented on the sense of fun and determination that everyone has to improve their fitness. The gym is also easy to find, with plenty of parking available. All in all, customers have had a great experience at UBX Training North Toowoomba and highly recommend it to others.

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