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Mon: 06:00 - 19:30

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Membership Plans Available at Xtend Barre South Yarra

Xtend Barre South Yarra offers two different packages: Lifestyle (2 classes/week for $40/week) and Xtend (7 classes/week plus unlimited online classes for $59/week), or you can buy a 5-class pack for $145.

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About Xtend Barre South Yarra

Discover the burn of an intense full body workout with all the elegance of the barre. We’re about mixing it up; bringing strength, cardio and confidence to everyone from first timers to hardcore workout warriors. Xtend Barre will help you sculpt, chisel and lengthen muscles with high energy classes for everyone at every level.

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Enquire and view gym prices at Xtend Barre South Yarra. No obligation to join.

Customer Reviews

Xtend Barre South Yarra is a fantastic studio that offers a variety of classes and personal training options. Customers love the welcoming atmosphere and the professional instructors who adjust to their level and make them work hard. The classes are challenging and varied, and the pricing is very reasonable. Customers also appreciate the great communication and support from the owner and staff.

The studio has a great atmosphere and the instructors are supportive and motivating. Customers love the fun atmosphere and the effective classes, and they have noticed their bodies toning quickly. The classes are challenging and enjoyable, and the instructors are professional and kind.

The studio also offers great network support, especially during trying times, with Zoom video classes as an alternative to studio classes. Customers appreciate the variety of classes, from yoga to barre and mat pilates, and the option to take it further or adopt enhancements for those with experience. Xtend Barre South Yarra is the perfect place to start or end the day, and customers are addicted to the challenging classes and the feeling of joy when working out.

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